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10 Signs you’re not ready to be a final year student.


  1. Its your last freshers week. Which means you’ll be stuck in a sea of freshers who look like infants to you. You never looked that young at 18, right?


2. Even though you’ve vowed not to leave work until the last minute, deep down you know  the night before your assignments due you’re going to have a breakdown and go a little crazy.



3. You’ve become the person you hated in first year by telling freshers how much harder it gets. But if you don’t tell them first year doesn’t count then who will?

you shall not pass

4. You’ve contemplated that it is the last time round for watching new tv shows with your housemates. Are you supposed to watch Game of Thrones alone now?!

game of thrones 1

5. You’re not ready to accept its  the end of student loans, which means no more start of term treat yo self purchases.

treat yo self

6. You can’t bare thinking about what you want to do when you graduate. And you especially don’t want to think about doing applications and interviews because that means people… so many people.

mr robot

7. You’re not ready to give up long holidays. Say hello to 4 weeks per year. Thats right… 4 weeks.

step brothers

8. You defiantly aren’t ready for early morning starts that are both regular and compulsory.

wake up

9. Say goodbye to your student discount, your living the adult life now and that doesn’t come cheap.


10. You are 100% not ready to say goodbye to your friends, however much they may annoy you’re going to miss those guys, and no one else will ever be a better squad than you lot.



Bit depressing right? Well luckily no one is ready for final year, there will be ups and downs but at the end of it you’ll have had some amazing experiences, learned some new things and met some awesome people. So enjoy every second of it and look forward to the next step.

bring it on