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Indrajeet Mandal
A medical student with a keen interest in education and enterprise. He has completed an intercalated BSc in Neuroscience has experience UCL Entrepreneurs as a director of startup support.

Getting ready for your CEI Exam?

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No matter where you are in the world, one thing always remains the same – exams are stressful! Today we turn our focus on the CEI exam used in Singapore. The CEI exam is an important one for those of you working in employment agencies, as it demonstrates your knowledge of the important laws to do with. 

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An interview with Omair Vaiyani, Synap’s Founder & CTO

Today, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Omair, a co-founder and the CTO of Synap. Find out more about Omair and his role in this interview:

How did you get the idea to start Synap up?

So it actually started a couple of years ago. James and I were really annoyed at the way we were supposed to revise, like having to continually read notes, highlight things, etc. The material just didn’t seem to go in our heads.

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Indrajeet using Synap on a Macbook

Hands On with Synap – Spaced Repetition for All

The more perceptive of you may notice that you don’t recognise the name of the author on this post, so I would like to take an opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Indrajeet (feel free to shorten this as you like; Indy/Indra are the most commonly used) and I am a third year medical student at UCL. I will be studying for my intercalated degree in Neuroscience this year, but right now, I am doing a few bits and pieces with Synap as an internship. I am interested in both enterprise and education, and working with the company has allowed me to combine these elements together nicely.

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