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James Gupta
James is the CEO & Founder of Synap, an upcoming education platform that uses research from neuroscience studies on how the brain works to enhance the way students learn.
MRCP MCQs now available on Synap

MCQs for Medical Board Exams (MRCP MCQs, FRCA, MRCS & more) now available on Synap!

If you’re a junior doctor preparing for board exams such as the MRCA, MRCS or FRCA, then we’ve got some good news for you! In conjunction with our content partners at Oxford University Press, we’re pleased to announce that today we’re releasing over 10,000 premium MCQs for medical board exams – all written and peer-reviewed by experts at OUP.

As you’d expect, subscribing to any of these packages also brings the full benefits of Synap’s cutting edge revision platform such as Spaced Repetition, detailed and personalised feedback, the ability to compare results with your friends – and of course our brand new mobile app!

The full list of courses available is shown below:

Each question has been peer reviewed by experts in the field and designed to match the board curriculum. Questions also come with detailed feedback for each answer, so you can understand and learn from your mistakes.

MRCP, MRCS & FRCA MCQs available on the Synap Store

To top it all off, we’re offering a 20% discount on ALL products for January – simply use the promo code NEWYEAR when checking out!

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Synap 1000 Customers

Celebrating 1,000 Customers!

Today marks a significant milestone for all of us here at Synap – after lots and lots of hard work, we’ve reached our first 1,000 paying users, just three months after launching our partnership with Oxford University Press that saw some of their most popular revision materials for medical students being offered on the Synap Store.

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Synap Store offers premium MCQs with Oxford University Press

Announcing the Synap Store, with MCQs from Oxford University Press!

Today we are proud to announce the latest addition to Synap, the world’s most powerful educational website. The Synap Store is a brand new area of the site, that connects students and teachers with professionally written Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests from top education publishers.

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MedSocs: Earn £10,000 with Synap!

MEDICAL SOCIETIES – How would you like to earn between £1,000 and £10,000 for your society, whilst offering your members exclusive discounts on the world’s most powerful medical education tool?

If so, we’ve got some good news for you because that’s exactly what we’re doing! This September, Synap will be launching some brand new features, which will give medical students and junior doctors access to thousands of professionally written, peer-reviewed MCQs to help their studying throughout the year.

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Doctor stressed

The ‘Screw It’ Moment in Medical Education

Every year, thousands of bright-eyed teenagers start a 5 year journey to becoming doctors. In the beginning, their excitement is palpable: they want to learn as much as they can about the human body and mind, what can go wrong and how to save lives. But at some point, that excitement and desire to learn for it’s own sake is replaced by the pressures of passing exams and ‘getting through’ the course. Why is that, and what should we do about it?

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Medical Students: We Want YOU!

Synap is looking for enthusiastic, talented UK MEDICAL STUDENTS to join our team as Student Ambassadors!

If you’re a medical student with an interest in medical education, technology or leadership, this could be the perfect role for you! Synap is an online education platform that lets students create, practice and share their own Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and uses scientific techniques such as Spaced Repetition to help users learn more in less time. We’re looking for enthusiastic, talented medical students to join our team as Student Ambassadors, and help change medical education for the better!

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Background image with light bulb and cogwheels

Scaling A Startup: Structuring Your Passion

Startups, and the founders behind them come in all shapes and sizes, but one common trait that unites us is our rage against the ‘status quo’, and against the rules that keep things the way they are. At it’s core, startup culture champions the Pareto Principle (the ’80:20 rule’), the potential of which is repeatedly demonstrated through Red Bull-fuelled hackathons that puts the traditional development cycle on steroids.

Is it scalable? How will our competitors react? Which market segments should we approach and how? We’ll figure that out later – right now all I know is, it sounds cool so let’s do it.

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placeit (13)

Launching a Beta: The Good, The Better & The Constructive

When you release your first app, you’re excited. When you release your second, you’re terrified. Once you’ve released an app, and opened up your creation to be tested to within an inch of its life by other people and stayed up all night trying to explain to people that ‘it’s working fine, your just using it wrong!’, then you realise that releasing an app is just the beginning of a long process of improvement and listening to your users. In this post, I’m excited to share an update on how the first week of Synap’s private beta went, read on for more!

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Screenshot 2015-12-09 21.34.36

Top 10 Benefits of Testing Infographic

Testing gets a bad rap, because it’s usually associated with the nerve-wracking, ‘high-stakes’ assessments students get at the end of every year – from GCSE’s to A-Level to University exams. But testing can also be a very useful studying technique, allowing you to objectively test your own knowledge and identify weak areas.

In a paper, ’10 Benefits of Testing And Their Applications to Educational Practice’, Roediger et al identify (as the title suggests) 10 reasons why students should utilise regular, low-stakes quizzing as a study strategy – and we’ve summarised them in a handy infographic below!

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Screenshot 2015-11-23 18.07.09

How To Prepare For Exams INFOGRAPHIC

Here at the Synap headquarters we love to get the most out of studying, so we took it upon ourselves to devise some top tips to share with you, on how to prepare for your exams. Fact or Myth? We’ve busted them all with our new infographic!

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