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J's LifeHacks is a college student by day and a part-time real estate agent during her free time. She manages her time efficiently to be able to get more things done in a day. She hopes to share most of her experiences as a working student by blogging from time to time.

5 Ways to Manage and Control Your Time in College

5 Ways to Manage and Control Your Time in College

With plenty of things to do in so little time, college students are faced with challenges related to managing their time efficiently. Lack of time management has been found to impact the performance of college students, according to Raplh Heibutzki of Demand Media.

“Faced with so many competing demands on their time, many students simply give up and let the situation take its course. Without intervention from a professor or parent, a student is unlikely to succeed,” Heibutzki wrote in his post.

So, how can you manage their time efficiently ?

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