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Hooked on Ventilation by Stacey Mcwee

Hooked on Ventilation by Stacey Mcwee

This August marked two years since I lay in the operating theatre of a hospital whilst surgeons removed my appendix. Earlier on that day I was sent home from work with what I thought was a stomach bug, however within a few hours I was vomiting, shivering, feeling cold, clammy and in severe pain…. I had no idea what was to come, my suspected appendicitis was in fact a life-threatening condition called sepsis.

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You are not alone beat exam stress with

You are not alone!

For those still feeling the exam blues, chained to their desk, awaiting the next time they can reasonably justify an unnecessary coffee break – we’ve got news! You are not alone in your times of stress.

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Stacey Mcwee's first interview as a synap ambassador representing the university of west scotland

Meet the Synap Ambassadors: Stacey Mcwee

This week we have nursing student Stacey McWee in the spotlight representing the University of West Scotland. Continuing reading to see why she wanted to become a Synap ambassador, how she intends to use her role to help the community and the bizarre circumstances that lead to her making the headlines in Scottish paper ‘the daily record’.

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Meet the Ambassadors–Indrajeet Mandal

This week we have Indrajeet in the spotlight. After spending last summer as an intern at Synap he has come back to re-join us as one of our ambassadors. Keep reading to to see why Indrajeet choose to get involved and what he wants to brings to the Synap community.


Indrajeet Mandal – Indra or Indy

Synap Ambassador

Medical Student at UCL

Startup Advisor for UCL Entrepreneurs

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Meet The Synap Ambassadors – Savva Pronin

We have been recruiting new medical student ambassadors to lead the Synap revolution! This week we have the spotlight on Savva Pronin from the University of Edinburgh. Read on to learn more about Savva, his excitement about joining the Synap crew, and defending your home with a crowbar.

Profile ; 

Savva Pronin

Medical Student at the University of Edinburgh

Synap Ambassador

Societies and clubs; Royal Medical Society, MedTech Edinburgh, Anatomy Study Group, Kendo Club, Medic Mentoring and Doctorpreneurs.

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Stalking Synap: James Gupta Interview

This week we caught up with Synap Founder and CEO, James Gupta. We put him in the spotlight with some tough questions, to put him through his paces. See what the Synap CEO has to say on everything from scaling a start-up to desert island preparations.

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Omair Vaiyani, Founder & CTO at Synap

Stalking Synap: Omair Vaiyani Interview

This week we have Omair Vaiyani in the spotlight. Keep reading to see what he has to say about being an entrepreneur and scaling a start-up!

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8 Strange Facts You Students Might Not Know – Infographic

Welcome to strangest University facts – Infographic

We’ve searched high and low to find some of the strangest and utterly bazar university facts. Here are some key facts from our infographic;

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Monday Motivation For Entrepreneurs

Monday Motivation For Entrepreneurs – Survey

Monday’s back again…if only there was a day in-between Saturday and Sunday! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, or maybe some motivation to get through your day, you’ve come to the right place. With some help from our friends, we’ve found out what keeps momentum up when the going gets tough. We’ve searched for key figures within a range of industries to find the best motivational quotes for your Motivational Monday.

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Entrepreneur working in a office - Synap

What Makes an Entrepreneur? – Survey

What do you think really makes an Entrepreneur? What is the real defination and why does it really matter? We carried out a survey to see what other business owners really thought. Everyone we asked seemed to have different ideas on what it should or shouldn’t mean, what it requires and what sacrifices they were willing to make in order to make it work . Is being an Entrepreneur an Ideology characterized by innovation and risk-taking or is it a set off skills and values you are born with?

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