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8 Strange Facts You Students Might Not Know – Infographic

Welcome to strangest University facts – Infographic

We’ve searched high and low to find some of the strangest and utterly bazar university facts. Here are some key facts from our infographic;

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As technology advances we are entering a new generation of computers that will be able to work more efficiently and effectively than our own human brain. Super computer ‘k’ is the Royals Royce of computers currently being used in a variety of applications, including disaster prevention, climate control and medical research. Manufactured by Fujitsu and operating on a Linux system  super ‘K’ came in  4th place in 2015 as one of the world’s fastest computers, will it be 1st place in 2016?

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The Big Wide World of Education Infographic

In the Big Wide World of Education it’s hard to come across educational platforms that you really can’t do without! Here at Synap we were soo impressed with Evernote and Duolingo that we even made an infographic out of it!

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Top 10 Benefits of Testing Infographic

Testing gets a bad rap, because it’s usually associated with the nerve-wracking, ‘high-stakes’ assessments students get at the end of every year – from GCSE’s to A-Level to University exams. But testing can also be a very useful studying technique, allowing you to objectively test your own knowledge and identify weak areas.

In a paper, ’10 Benefits of Testing And Their Applications to Educational Practice’, Roediger et al identify (as the title suggests) 10 reasons why students should utilise regular, low-stakes quizzing as a study strategy – and we’ve summarised them in a handy infographic below!

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How To Prepare For Exams INFOGRAPHIC

Here at the Synap headquarters we love to get the most out of studying, so we took it upon ourselves to devise some top tips to share with you, on how to prepare for your exams. Fact or Myth? We’ve busted them all with our new infographic!

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Your Amazing Memory Infographic

The human brain is seriously amazing. For example, there are an estimated one billion neurons (nerve cells) in the brain, and they each form about 1,000 connections to other neurons, forming hundreds of billions of connections, enough to store 2.5 billion PETABYTES of data, yet our short term memory can only hold about 7 pieces of information for 20 seconds!

Why is this the case? And what else does neuroscience and psychology tell us about how memories work in the brain? Check out our awesome infographic on ‘Your Amazing Brain’ to find out some more!

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