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Is Your Brain Maximised for Learning?

In my previous two blogs I have been outlining how you can better understand your own brain and mind states to enhance your learning. I have taken you from understanding the basic structure of your own brain and what areas of it influences your behaviour in certain ways to understanding a basic mind state known as the Red zone. It is in the Red zone where we are most self centred, anxious and see the world in a black or white way. It is whilst in this state that you are utilising your amygdala; the fight or flight centre of the brain. This hinders our ability to learn and thereby is not an optimum condition to be in whilst attempting to assimilate new complex information, ideas or skills.   

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Spaced Repetition: What Is It And Why Should Students Use It?

Throughout their education, however long it lasts, and then on into a working environment, both students and employed professionals are expected to both learn and retain vast quantities of information. This might be easier to source than it would have been for previous generations, but the need to find ways to both learn and retain remains. In fact, in a world with ever more ways of disseminating data, and of sidelining attention, it could be argued that finding workable processes is of increasing importance. Here we talk about one such process called Spaced Repetition: what it is, and why you should use it in your studies.

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An interview with Omair Vaiyani, Synap’s Founder & CTO

Today, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Omair, a co-founder and the CTO of Synap. Find out more about Omair and his role in this interview:

How did you get the idea to start Synap up?

So it actually started a couple of years ago. James and I were really annoyed at the way we were supposed to revise, like having to continually read notes, highlight things, etc. The material just didn’t seem to go in our heads.

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