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Educational Apps

As difficult as it can be trying to learn a topic, revising is somehow harder. Maybe it’s because revision is generally less structured, with fewer materials designed to help with the learning process. Maybe it’s because all the drive for revision has to come from the person doing it, and maybe it’s because success seems like such a binary process – you either know it or you don’t. Maybe, for all that, it’s just the fact that reviewing the same information over and over again is boring. Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly understandable that students of all ages and disciplines might avoid revision, harming their progress for the sake of a smarter way to study.

Synap: An educational app backed by science

Synap is an education and revision app designed to change all that. In a nutshell, Synap allows users to create, practice and share Multiple Choice Quizzes (MCQs) on any topic they choose. The genius of the app, and the thing that has it poised to become the best revision apps on the market, is the implication this has for learning.

Synap has been designed around the science of active learning. This states that while answering questions is a good way to familiarise yourself with a topic, the brain is far more likely to absorb and understand information presented in a different way. Neuroscience shows that designing questions around important information utilises entirely different neural pathways than answering them. It makes sense – answering a question just requires you to know the right answer, but designing one requires a far deeper appreciation of the topic at hand.

Learning Pyramid - Active Learning and Passive Learning Compared
The Learning Pyramid highlights the difference between passive teaching methods and participatory (‘active’) ones

This means that Synap provides two ways for the brain to approach information; more than doubling the chances of retention. It also means that simply by using the app, you are also producing quiz after quiz for other people in the same field. Of course it’s only fair that other users are doing the same for you, creating a constantly and naturally growing pool of revision materials as a by-product of learning.

Of course that doesn’t solve the problem of how to organise revision, but Synap has you covered there, too. Synap tracks your progress at individual quizzes and in your field of study, even identifying areas you should revise further. Combining this information with its Spaced Repetition System, Synap is capable of inputting your data into complex algorithms which will tell you when and what to revise. There’s a vital sweet spot between covering something that’s still fresh in your mind and returning to a forgotten subject, and Synap will make sure you get the most out of this area.

Staying Social

The only problem left is the desire to revise, but Synap’s social aspects have the solution. Users can send each other professional-quality quizzes, allowing a competitive element to galvanise them into study. There’s no surer way of excelling than competing to overcome your limits, and since Synap will soon be available for Android, iOS and Web devices you can even do it on the go. Just go about your day, jousting with friends over the topic you want to know more about. It can be anything from food preparation to times tables, but with Synap on the job you can create a personalised, fun revision plan almost by accident. Give Synap a try: you just might learn something.

Synap - Educational Apps mockup