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Stalking Synap: James Gupta Interview

This week we caught up with Synap Founder and CEO, James Gupta. We put him in the spotlight with some tough questions, to put him through his paces. See what the Synap CEO has to say on everything from scaling a start-up to desert island preparations.

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Omair Vaiyani, Founder & CTO at Synap

Stalking Synap: Omair Vaiyani Interview

This week we have Omair Vaiyani in the spotlight. Keep reading to see what he has to say about being an entrepreneur and scaling a start-up!

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8 Strange Facts You Students Might Not Know – Infographic

Welcome to strangest University facts – Infographic

We’ve searched high and low to find some of the strangest and utterly bazar university facts. Here are some key facts from our infographic;

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Medical Students: We Want YOU!

Synap is looking for enthusiastic, talented UK MEDICAL STUDENTS to join our team as Student Ambassadors!

If you’re a medical student with an interest in medical education, technology or leadership, this could be the perfect role for you! Synap is an online education platform that lets students create, practice and share their own Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and uses scientific techniques such as Spaced Repetition to help users learn more in less time. We’re looking for enthusiastic, talented medical students to join our team as Student Ambassadors, and help change medical education for the better!

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8 Awesome EdTech Platforms

From small classrooms full of a privileged few young men to an abundance of educational platforms available to anyone with an internet connection. Over the last 200 years education has come a very, very long way.  The explosion in the EdTech industry has seen companies sprouting up all over the internet and in the app market. This increase in capacity has created a highly competitive environment which is all good for us the consumer. This culture is bringing out some really amazing innovations in the industry that makes access to education even better from revision apps to full online course catalogues. Here I have compiled a list of the top 8 EdTech companies to help you get the most of what is out there in the big wide world of EdTech.

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Monday Motivation For Entrepreneurs – Survey

Monday’s back again…if only there was a day in-between Saturday and Sunday! If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, or maybe some motivation to get through your day, you’ve come to the right place. With some help from our friends, we’ve found out what keeps momentum up when the going gets tough. We’ve searched for key figures within a range of industries to find the best motivational quotes for your Motivational Monday.

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What Makes an Entrepreneur? – Survey

What do you think really makes an Entrepreneur? What is the real defination and why does it really matter? We carried out a survey to see what other business owners really thought. Everyone we asked seemed to have different ideas on what it should or shouldn’t mean, what it requires and what sacrifices they were willing to make in order to make it work . Is being an Entrepreneur an Ideology characterized by innovation and risk-taking or is it a set off skills and values you are born with?

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The Surprising Truth about a Photographic Memory

There are quite a few times that I have heard someone say “oh, I have a photographic memory.” After I have praised them for their uncanny ability to recall the slightest bit of information. Other than thinking what a cool talent to have, I have never really thought about it any deeper than that.

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3 Ways Your Diet Affects Your Learning

I cannot count the number of times I must have seen or heard things about the effects of diet on my overall health. I would listen to them, knowing that they seem intuitively right and then go back to wolfing down my hamburger or pizza. Despite this it has taken me years to even become aware of the effect that what I eat can have on so many different aspects of my life. No matter how many times I would hear something about it, it would be in one ear and out the other. However, in the last few years I have started taking my diet a little more seriously. I have tried to understand how it can affect certain areas of my life. One of those areas is how I learn. How does what I decide to eat affect my ability to learn? Well, here I will share 3 ways your diet affects your learning in the hope it will help you on your learning journey.

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As technology advances we are entering a new generation of computers that will be able to work more efficiently and effectively than our own human brain. Super computer ‘k’ is the Royals Royce of computers currently being used in a variety of applications, including disaster prevention, climate control and medical research. Manufactured by Fujitsu and operating on a Linux system  super ‘K’ came in  4th place in 2015 as one of the world’s fastest computers, will it be 1st place in 2016?

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