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Revision App

Synap is a revision app that utilises educational psychology, crowd sourced content and active learning to help students of all ages and disciplines learn and revise a huge array of subjects.

So how does it work? First, Synap can be used to create multiple choice quizzes on any topic. Whether it’s shapes, cookery or engineering, Synap allows you to set the curriculum and create the questions. What makes the app special is that these quizzes can then be shared with friends, creating a social impetus to engage with materials in a way traditional methods of study don’t. Friends can send each other professional quality quizzes, but if you think it stops there, you’re not thinking big enough.

Whole classes can get in on the act – a single teacher could, for example, set the task of creating a multiple choice quiz covering certain material, and of completing someone else’s quiz. All quizzes on a subject can be rated, and are cataloged by subject, creating a huge database of quizzes for every topic under the sun. With a minimum of effort, that teacher suddenly has a library of quizzes that shows their class’s understanding and provides revision materials for every class that comes after.

Of course, for adults, the potential pool is even larger – doctors and pilots can design quizzes, creating a near limitless revision tool that naturally grows as it’s used.

But that’s just the hands-off features Synap boasts. Where things really get impressive is in the way Synap can track and guide your learning. Synap can track what you’re studying and how well you’re doing, using complex algorithms to suggest new materials and remind you to recap subjects you haven’t reviewed in a while. This is Synap’s Spaced Repetition System, designed with a knowledge of neurological behaviour to optimise the learning experience. It’s a godsend for those who want to revise but don’t know where to start, taking all the stress out of setting your own curriculum.

Synap is designed around the concept of ‘active learning’. This states that engaging with material in certain ways allows the brain to better absorb and appreciate relevant information. Answering questions is all well and good, but creating new quizzes allows students of all ages to gain a more practical appreciation of their subject. Combined with calibrated repetition and the socialisation of learning, Synap is almost the perfect recipe for concentrated learning. There’s just one more thing a student needs to succeed: a sense of progress.

If you’ve read this far then you know this is something Synap has covered. You already know that Synap remembers what you study, and how well you did, but this information is easily accessible in a variety of forms. Synap’s personalised progress tracker won’t just tell you how well you did at a particular quiz, but how well you’re doing at a subject over time. It can even break subjects down into areas, focusing your attention on what needs work.

Synap is a revolution in revision technology, and now that it’s available on iOS, Android and Web devices it can even be used on the go. That means there’s no reason not to become a better, more active learner today. Try Synap out now: you just might learn something.