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Revision Apps For Iphone

Synap is a revision app for iPhone that lets you create your own multiple choice questions. It is a generic study aid that can be used for any subject at any level.

Why use Synap for your revision?

Study on the go

Been invited to a concert or a friend’s party, but need to study? This revision app solves the dilemma. Just devise your own multiple choice questions, and revise as you travel.

Focus on the topics that matter

When revising for an exam, you often understand most things, but struggle with one tiny aspect. This revision app allows you to focus on the things you are unsure of, meaning you can approach your exam with confidence.

Personalised tuition

If you’re confident about a particular aspect of a subject, it’s often easy to overlook those topics with which you are less confident. This revision app is intelligent enough to track your performance and make recommendations for study. It tells you what you should be studying and when. So, if someone asks you to go out, you’ll get a reminder. It’s like having your own customised tutor.

Study with friends

Tell your friends about the Synap revision app to make revising a collaborative affair. Learning’s far more fun when being done in the company of friends. Devise your own quiz and get a friend to test you. Then return the favour. Not only is this fun, but there is a good chance you’ll learn new things from each other, too. Social interaction is known to stimulate the brain.

Learn and remember

Research has shown that multiple choice questions engage the brain. This in turn forms new neural pathways that link up the parts of the brain you need to utilise. These networks are fired whenever you receive a trigger. They’re also almost impossible to break. Therefore, the information you learn from the quiz will be stored in long term memory. You’ll be able to utilise it time and again, being creative subconsciously.


Throughout your life, you’ll study many topics at many levels. One of the great things about the Synap revision app is its versatility. Unlike traditional study aids, where you buy books specific to the topic and level, this app can be reused.

Once you’ve finished your GCSEs you can use it for your A-Levels. When these are complete, use it at university. And so on. Using a consistent method of revision throughout your academic career has advantages. When it comes to revising, you’ll be extra proficient. While others are up all night trying to memorise texts, you’ll be sound asleep – the perfect preparation for any exam.

Save money

If you’re like the majority of students, money will be at a premium. Traditional revision aids are expensive. Having to buy separate books for each subject can end up costing a small fortune. Buy this revision app once and you can use it again and again, for whichever subject you choose. The Synap revision app saves you money, which is another great reason to make a purchase today.

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