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Study Apps

Science has taught us so much about the human brain, not least about the way it learns. Answering question after question from some huge tome just isn’t the way to learn or revise a topic, and yet traditional educational methods are slow to change. That’s why it makes sense to supplement your education with anything that can make learning easier, especially if it also uses neurological science and psychological insight to help your brain engage with information at a deeper level.

That’s the idea behind Synap, the educational app that understands how you think. Like all good ideas, Synap starts simple; it’s an app that lets you design and take multiple choice quizzes on any subject. Want to learn about cooking, driving, engineering or bee-keeping? Synap can provide you with a range of questions that will help you revise. The genius behind Synap’s design is that designing questions ‘unlocks’ a whole new area of the brain. Using information to create questions activates a different set of neural pathways to just answering questions, and using the two methods in tandem offers students a far more in-depth appreciation of their topic.

The great thing is that just by using Synap for your own revision, you’re creating quiz after quiz for people in the same area. Fair’s fair though; there are hundreds of users doing the exact same thing for you. That’s the secret behind Synap’s success – even casual use adds to its vast database of topic specific quizzes, meaning it has more to offer every time you fire it up.

Synap isn’t just about providing revision materials, though – it also guides the revision process. Results are tracked and compared, giving not just an idea of how you did on a quiz, but of how you’re doing with a topic as a whole. Synap uses this information to suggest new areas of focus, showing you how your comprehension has grown and where it still needs work. It also uses a Spaced Repetition System to tell you when it’s time to revisit a topic. Too soon and you won’t be challenged enough to learn, too late and you’ll have lost what you learned the first time – Synap destroys this dilemma, bringing you back to a subject at the optimum time for you to benefit.

Synap also has a social element that can help give you the drive to revise. Users can send each other quizzes and compete to get higher scores or more completed topics. It’s one thing writing a quiz to challenge yourself, but using information to trip up a friend is guaranteed to supercharge your comprehension. Synap is now available on iOS and Android devices, meaning you can take the challenge with you wherever you go. Friends can shoot you a pop quiz at any time, making revision seem less like work and more like a game.

Perfect for classes, study groups and individuals, Synap is easy to use and does most of the work for you. Give it a try today and you just might learn something.