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You are not alone!

For those still feeling the exam blues, chained to their desk, awaiting the next time they can reasonably justify an unnecessary coffee break – we’ve got news! You are not alone in your times of stress.

We’ve been looking into how we can help and, in honour of you poor souls still left in the race, we’ve also chained ourselves to a desk and done some research.

Anxiety is undoubtedly one of the primary issues amongst the student population these days, and yet it remains hidden behind the empty pizza boxes and the nights out.

Esteemed psychologist Robert Leahy, armed with a vintage PhD from Yale, points out a fact that turns the silence surrounding the subject into a deafening call to action. According to research involving thousands of students;

“The average student nowadays has the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950s”!


Although I can imagine this news isn’t of the most encouraging variety – visions of marble eyed crazies circling in hospital gowns now taking centre stage – there is some comfort in the knowledge that it’s not just you feeling the pressure…Everyone’s off their rocker!

The only way to sort this nutty trend is to organise. Your time. Your room. Your life. As I’ve said, we’ve done our research, and it’s telling us that organisation is key (see Robert Brown’s article in the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy (1992) if our word doesn’t do it for you).

Lucky that Synap’s Spaced Repetition algorithms can deal with your life for you…Academic life anyway. Sign up at today, lose the visions of the marble-eyed crazies and…well…organise your marbles.

Good luck!